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Reports of health problems linked to chemicals in new mattresses.

Unlike mattresses of 40+ years ago, mattresses today are manufactured with increased amounts of petroleum based compounds in the form of foams, plastics, and a variety of volatile chemicals (including controversial flame retardants). Research and personal accounts suggest people can become ill by the repeated and continuous exposure to these low level chemicals during the sleep process. This is especially true for people who have lower levels of liver detoxification enzymes known as cytochrome P-450 (thereby allowing chemicals to build up in their blood to higher than normal levels). Health effects caused by petroleum chemical exposure can weaken or damage the immune and nervous system. Autoimmune disorders have also been linked with exposure to petroleum-based chemicals and have been found to be the underlying etiology of many common health problems today (soft tissue damage, organ damage, arthritis, etc). The reports below are from individuals who emailed us to report health problems that appeared after purchasing a new conventional chemically-processed bed. The large number of reports below, along with the immediate improvements in health problems after removing the beds in many circumstances would suggest that more research is needed in the area of commercial bed toxicology and health improvements after switching to natural and organic based beds, mattresses, sheets, pillows, etc.

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